about me

Welcome to my website! I am a freelance journalist based in London. My writing sheds light on fashion, feminism, culture and art. Currently, I am the Editor at Paradise Row London.

My passion lies in documenting the side of fashion with substance; one that informs creativity, expression, gender and reflects our lived experience. I am also dedicated to the side that restricts, excludes and confines communities, gender and race. Above all else, I love to use my voice to challenge societal perceptions alongside a keen eye and love for style and art.

Outside my duties as part-time Editor for Paradise Row, I work with emerging publications and artists; curating events, creating content and writing compelling work. The panel I hosted for Femini magazine, a intersectional feminist zine for which I volunteer as Editor, was covered in Time Out London.

Things I enjoy: live music, rain sounds, crabs, collaborating with incredible creatives, street-style, taking photographs on my film camera, and cats.