ch.1 Moving to London

Now that I’ve finally settled in Waterloo I can finally set about creating the online portfolio/blog I’ve always dreamed of. Houseplants are watered, boxes are unpacked and my brain is already full of ideas for all of the exciting projects I’m already involved in.

Femini magazine is what takes up most of my spare hours (not that I’m complaining). Having been recently appointed Creative Director, it’s an amazing job to bring the visions of the Editor-at-large Lydia to life in the most amazing ways. The theme for our next issue is Women in Business and Education; so I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months reaching out to some amazing women to curate some very special articles. More info to follow!

As well as this, I’ve recently been reached out to by my friend who has is about to launch the Nigerian lifestyle brand AYÈ. Loyin Ogunbusola is for sure one to watch in the beauty industry, with a truly unique approach to wellness and a vision to match. I’ll be a Freelance Content Manager for the website; overseeing and writing blog content, as well as assisting with social media content and ecommerce activity once this exciting start-up takes off.

Creative content projects where I can work closely with exciting new brands like Femini and AYÈ are not just my bread and butter, but the opportunities I treasure the most. I’ll be updating this blog as they develop!

H x