Munroe Bergdorf

At the time I saw it as a defining moment, but in hindsight, it was probably the project that kick-started my career.

For issue four of Femini magazine, a publication I am Creative Director for and also co-edit, I interviewed trans icon and political activist Munro Bergdorf. In conversation with one of the most vibrant and daring models in the game was truly an eye-opening experience for myself, and being able to ask her about women’s rights issues and feminism so soon after her controversial appearance on Channel Four’s ‘Genderquake’ season was really exciting. I was conscious of the fact she was being interviewed a lot at this stage of her career, so didn’t want to discuss things she was probably answering questions about five times a day coughcoughL’Orealcoughcough.

Working alongside the designer of the magazine, I feel we created a really radiant and special article that marked a turning-point in the direction of Femini.


‘The conv

ersations we’


having about gender in the media right now are becoming quite stale and redundant. I


how long are we

going to be talking about who uses what bathroom?’

— Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe front cover image.jpg

‘we need to look


feminism as the equality of the identities instead [of the sexes]. Y

ou can be a woman, have a different identity, but still

be left behind by the movement.’

— Munroe Bergdorf


‘We’re living in a time of minimal empathy, but all it takes is putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes. Don’t speak over people, open your heart. Just think: what if this was me, my child, sister or mother?’

— Munroe Bergdorf



Interview — Hannah Crosbie

Talent — Munroe Bergdorf

Photography — Shingi Rice